Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 High Efficiency Edition launched

Xiaomi once again expanded its ecosystem of smart home appliances with the launch of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 High-Efficiency Edition, the new smart cooking appliance to enhance your kitchen experience, whereby you are sure to have excellent performance efficiency. This stove version is available in two versions—one for natural gas and the other for liquefied gas—and is priced at an approachable 799 yuan, currently on sale in China through online channels only.

High-efficiency Cooking

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 is much more than that; it’s a powerhouse of efficiency and performance. It can produce a maximum output of 5200 W for natural gas and 4800 W for liquefied gas, meeting various cooking needs, from simmering delicate sauces to searing meats.

High-quality materials and technological superiority produce a thermal efficiency as high as 65% for natural gas and 64% for liquefied gas. The brass fire cover ensures high thermal conductivity, and the wrapped fire hole design provides a uniform heat distribution.

Additionally, the new generation energy-gathering plate uses thickened material combined with three-dimensional oxygen mixing technology that further increases the efficiency of the stove. In this design, the cooking process is done very fast and even, but it saves much energy to high proportions, thus making the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 relatively eco-friendly and economical.

Stylish and Easy to Maintain

It is just as beautiful as it is functional with the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 High-Efficiency Edition. The stove panel is made of tempered glass, reflecting modernity and making it relatively easy to clean. The detachable burner and pot rack are designed to allow easy rinsing without trouble, which is a blessing in daily use.

The precision valve body knob has a 230° range for fine-tuned settings of the flame, with one being sure to have unmatched control over the cooking temperature. From very low simmers to high heat, you can quickly get a setting for your culinary needs with this precise heat control.

Improved Safety Features

Another critical concern for gas stoves is safety, and Xiaomi has spared no expense in ensuring that the Mijia Smart Gas Stove is as safe as it is effective. It is designed to withstand leakage since it undergoes a sixfold airtightness test on the air-supply pipe and its combustion system. The automatic flameout protection function will automatically cut off the source of gas in case the flame is put out, so in this way; it prevents dangerous gas buildup.

Intelligent Connectivity

The number of features that cram the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 is consistent with what one would expect from Xiaomi’s vision of an intelligent ecosystem: the cooking process becomes convenient and safe. The stove is Wi-Fi-enabled and can link to the Mijia App, updating users with all the essential real-time notifications. For instance, the app will alert when the stove has been lit for over an hour, cautioning against it and saving potential accidents.

Another feature worth highlighting is the linkage between the smoke and the stoves, which makes the cooking process more accessible to the extent that upon setting the stove on, the range hood is turned on. It links to the hood, whereby it automatically starts drawing off the smoke when the furnace has been set and goes off when it is off, ensuring that the kitchen remains free of smoke through this automation process.

This is a new innovative feature in a smoke-free kitchen without manual operation. The stove also features a low-battery warning reminder to keep users up to date on the device’s status, allowing all innovative functionalities to operate continuously.


The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 High-Efficiency Edition embodies Xiaomi’s relentless pursuit of innovation in the field of smart home appliances. It presents high-efficiency ratios, elegant design, robust safety features, and intelligent connectivity, enabling the stove to convert the kitchen into a safer, more efficient, and more innovative place.

Costing 799 yuan and available only in China, the stove offers excellent value for anyone wanting to upgrade their cooking experience with the latest kitchen technology. Whether you’re a simple cook or a culinary enthusiast, the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 enhances your cooking experience, converting any drudgery into a comfortable creative process.

Source: ItHome 

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