Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Curtain 2

Xiaomi once again innovates the smart home market with the product launch of Mijia Smart Curtain 2. A committed product to bring comfort and convenience to the living environment through advanced technology and user-friendly design. Now, it’s on presale for 849 yuan, affordable, fully featured, and comfortable.

Key Features of MIJIA Smart Curtain 2

The Mijia Smart Curtain 2 is no ordinary curtain. It includes many outstanding features.

  1. Five Control Methods: The curtain allows for unrivaled flexibility with five different ways to control it:
  2. Xiao Ai Voice Control: With just your voice, you can direct the curtains to open or close.
  3. App Remote Operation of the Mijia: Make better of the app to control your curtains remotely; this makes it ideal for making adjustments to the home environment when leaving.
  4. Timed Automatic Operation: Timed open and close schedules for curtain operation.
  5. Wireless Remote Control: One can use a convenient remote to control the curtains without using their smartphone.
  6. Manual Operation: In case of a power cut, you can still operate the curtains manually to open and close.
  7. Adjustable Opening and Closing Stroke: Find out how much your curtains open or close to create the perfect setting for your room.
  8. Stepless Speed Adjustment: Curtains will operate at any speed, easily and naturally, due to the step-less speed adjustment.
  9. Low noise operation: Structured with multiple noise reduction and shock absorption designs, the operating noise is maintained under 26 dB, ensuring a quiet working environment.
  10. Flexible Track Length: The default noise reduction splicing tracks range between 0.5 meters to 3 meters, but they can be extended up to 5 meters by one extra expansion pack.
  11. Full Obstacle Avoidance and Exact Control: The 360° Hall scanning algorithm and the 18-level magnetic ring guarantee the precise movement of the curtain for easy commanding, while the obstacle-avoiding function ensures the safeguard of the home appliances and privacy.
  12. Smart Home Integration: The Mijia Smart Curtain 2 can be integrated with Xiaomi Pengpai Intelligent Link Technology under various smart home scenarios—for instance, pairing with the Xiaoai speaker for a natural wake-up with sunlight and the Xiaomi intelligent door lock for automatic curtain open and close when you arrive or leave.

What Makes Mijia Smart Curtain 2 Best?

The Mijia Smart Curtain 2 is more than just a curtain; it’s proof that technology today is innovative in enhancing every nook of living. Silent operation, personal settings, multiple control ways, high compatibility with many smart home systems, friendly price, and the current sales promotion event—all these are combined so that upgrading your home with Xiaomi’s latest device has never been better.

If you are live in China and interested in buying the Mijia Smart Curtain 2 or need more details about this innovative product, you’re free to visit the Xiaomi Youpin Product Details page. An unmissable chance to let your home become smarter and filled with customized convenience by using the Mijia Smart Curtain 2. Now, you can experience intelligent living convenience that is the ultimate with Xiaomi’s Mijia Smart Curtain 2.

Source: Mijia Weibo

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