Xiaomi Launches Mijia Memory Foam and Natural Latex Neck Pillows

Xiaomi continues to increase the assortment of home comfort products by introducing this new neck pillow. Thanks to the great choice and support for the neck and head, the products, shaped from these pillows, are coming at very competitive pricing: 99 yuan for the Memory Foam model and 129 yuan for the Natural Latex model.

Advanced Support and Comfort

The Xiaomi Mijia Memory Foam Neck Pillow Pro is made of the most advanced material, which is a “non-temperature-sensitive 40D” memory foam, always keeping the same elasticity at different temperatures and hardness. This helps the pillow give equal support and pressure distribution on the head and neck all night, ensuring sleep quality.

Unlike other pillows, the Memory Foam Neck Pillow Pro is designed with a high and low area of 9cm and 11cm, respectively, and is good use for all kinds of sleeping styles, including supine and side sleeping. In addition, the pillow surface was also upgraded to a larger 56×35cm size, 6cm longer and 5cm wider in size compared to the standard one, offering more space to move around and great comfort within.

The outside pillow case is made with renewable plant-based fibers, further adding to hygiene and comfort. Such fibers are porous and do not, therefore, lose their shape after washing. The inner pillowcase is built from a knitted mesh fabric impregnated with a silver ion antimicrobial agent developed to wick away moisture and prevent the growth of the common bacteria.

Pure and Breathable

The Xiaomi Mijia Natural Latex Neck Pillow Pro is made from 93% natural latex from Thailand without adding synthetic rubber or talcum powder. Accompanying such a high concentration of natural latex is the structure of the pillow in a honeycomb porous format, numbering in the thousands and bringing great support for the shoulders and neck.

The pillow is designed with 10 cm and 12 cm wave curves, matched to support most back and side sleepers. The outer pillowcase is made of breathable cotton. At the same time, the inner is moisture-absorbing and quick-drying to realize ‘full pillow circulation and ventilation effect’ to stay calm and comfortable throughout the night.

The Xiaomi Mijia Memory Foam Neck Pillow Pro and Natural Latex Neck Pillow Pro are two new additions to the pursuit of Xiaomi’s vision: quality and health-oriented products at a great price. Do you want adaptive neck support from memory foam or the natural elasticity and breathability of latex? Xiaomi’s new neck pillows are designed to deliver all these characteristics and more to help you sleep properly and wake up refreshed every day. Now, we can purchase these pillows for the minor cost they represent; such an easy and so powerful method to improve your night’s sleep and your overall health.

Source: IThome

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