Xiaomi 15 series could sell for the highest price ever

Devices like the Xiaomi 13 and 14 series offered high performance and quality at a relatively low price. However, this price perception may be disrupted as the production costs of the SM8750, i.e. Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, have risen more. While the Xiaomi 12-13-14 series are sold in the 600 Euro band, the Xiaomi 15 series can go up to 700 Euros.

In a post shared by DCS on Weibo, it mentioned that the production costs of the SM8750 have increased, and the price of low-priced flagships will rise. As a flagship phone in this price range, the Xiaomi 15 may also be affected by this sad price increase.

Both DCS and we think that even if the price doesn’t go up, they may reduce the hardware specs to keep the price the same. We can see the negative effects of a higher price of the chipset, such as lower quality camera sensors and lenses, lower quality displays, and less durable materials. Because when the cost of the chipset increases, they can reduce the quality of other equipment to reduce costs.

Xiaomi 15 series is expected to be introduced this November. The fact that Xiaomi 15 Pro will again be introduced exclusively for China shows that we will not see it in Europe and the Global market. However, if Xiaomi 15 Ultra is introduced again in the Global market, it can complete this deficit.

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