The codename of the Xiaomi 15 Pro has leaked

Recently, the tech world stumbled upon the model number of the Xiaomi 15 Pro, courtesy of a scoop by the renowned tipster Erencan Yilmaz. This, of course, tantalizes excitement and curiosity among smartphone aficionados about what the next Xiaomi flagship will be like and what kind of culture they embed this time.

Revealing the Code Name: Haotian

The Xiaomi 15 Pro, model number 24101PNB7C, is set to follow in the footsteps of the Xiaomi 14 Pro as a China-only launch. The latest leak from HyperOS Android 15 update is based on a code and that the reveals upcoming Xiaomi 15 Pro is codenamed “Haotian.”

Haotian’s Importance in Chinese Mythology

Haotian is a codename and deep meaning related to Chinese mythology. By another name, it is Hao Tian Shangdi, or the Supreme Emperor of the Sky. This is the headmost god of a vast pantheon in Taoism and numerous other ancient mythologies of the Chinese, representing the supreme sky god presiding over all sky phenomena and the sky orders in the heavens.

The grandiose, authoritative name of the larger-than-life vision refers to the idea that the Xiaomi 15 Pro will dominate the smartphone industry, providing unprecedented innovation with superior capabilities.

What to Expect from Xiaomi 15 Pro

More detailed Xiaomi 15 Pro specs are hushed for the time being, but the codename “Haotian” is indicative that Xiaomi is treating this device as the peak of their technical capabilities. If anything, by setting the Xiaomi 14 Pro as a good benchmark—with its exorbitantly high metrics and innovative features—the Xiaomi 15 Pro would be expected to push these very boundaries even further.

Market Dynamics and User Expectations

The decision of keeping Xiaomi 15 Pro an exclusive Chinese market product has been rolled out. While having received an extremely mixed reaction, bordering between anticipation and disappointment.

The Chinese consumers are more than eager to lay their hands on Xiaomi’s latest flagship, while the international fans long for a more widespread release. This strategy, however, allows Xiaomi to take full advantage of its high brand presence in China, making sure that the Xiaomi 15 Pro becomes the benchmark for the rest of the releases worldwide.

The anticipation is quite high, especially with the codename “Haotian,” which carries more a feeling of a device made not just for everyday use but that’s a true peak of design and functionality, something like the rules from the sky by which its namesake stands.

Compared to Its Predecessor

The Xiaomi 14 Pro, which was launched on the market on November 1, 2023, under the code name “shennong,” will prove how Xiaomi is committed to innovative technologies, much the same way Shennong, the legendary Divine Farmer, will bring agriculture and medicine knowledge to ancient China.

The next device, codenamed “Haotian,” Xiaomi 15 Pro, is going to look to keep things on trend and aspire to take over the tech world much like Haotian dominates the heavens.

Upcoming Launch

The Xiaomi 15 Pro should be available in China this November 2024, and if all the leaks and mythology behind the codename are true, it will be a huge step in Xiaomi’s evolution in smartphones. The selection of “Haotian” probably indicates a device that would be not just powerful in its performance but also majestic in scope and ambition.

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