Realme cancels their Explorer Master series

It seems like Realme is taking a new route with their flagships, as the Vice President of the company, Xu Qi has just announced that they’re reorganizing their lineup, and cancelling their Explorer Master Edition series of devices.

Realme Master Explorer series cancelled

Vice President of Realme just announced that they will be killing off the Explorer Master series of their devices, and moving on to further support their other devices. Realme launched their most recent Explorer Master device in July of 2022, and almost a year later, have cancelled any further additions to the series. This means that there will be no Realme GT 3 Explorer Master, which is certainly a negative for fans of the lineup.

The Realme GT2 Explorer Master edition was released in China in 2022 for 3799 CNY ($550), and had amazing specs, including a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a 50 megapixel camera, an under-display fingerprint sensor, 100W charging, and more. There have been no explanations as to why Realme have cancelled this series.

Realme have also removed the Explorer Master Edition devices from their website, and the fate of the owners of these devices will be currently seems to be up in the air, as there have been no announcements regarding the future of the currently available devices. We hope that Realme doesn’t neglect these devices, as they had a fairly large userbase, who will most certainly be disappointed if they end up in a dead-end.

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