Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition is out

Recently, Xiaomi launched the Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Super Enhanced Version, which is all new and improved in-home air purification domestically. The top-notch air purifier starts selling a pre-order on JD.com with a launch price of 5,799 yuan today. Details include, specifically, the opening time: July 9, 10:00 AM, which will bring better indoor air quality to consumers.

Key Features and Technologies

Advanced Air Purification Capabilities The Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition is designed to handle various air quality issues. It is capable of removing 95 different air pollutants with its unique “ten-level composite deep purification” process, including:

  • Oxygen Dissolution Layer: Specially developed to improve the breakup of oxygen molecules, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of further purification processes.
  • High-Precision PM1 Filter Layer: Targets ultrafine particles to cut down on airborne pollutants smaller than 1 micron.
  • Microporous Activated Carbon Layer: An excellent adsorbent layer of gases and smells to improve indoor air smell and feel.
  • Full-Width Light Curtain: This distributes purification effects all over the room, perfectly spreading it. Formaldehyde Catalytic Filter Element: Apply a new generation of catalytic technology to decompose formaldehyde and turn it into harmless water and carbon dioxide.
  • Second-Generation 10,000-Level Carbon Array: This locks a wide array of odors and volatile organic compounds together to enhance the air quality about harmful gases.
  • High-Energy Sterilization Ion Field: This one kills viruses, bacteria, and mold, not just creating the appearance of a healthier living environment but actually enhancing it.
  • Pet-Specific Filter Layer: Designed to help handle pet dander and other allergens from pets.
  • Antibacterial and Anti-Allergic Filter Layer: It prevents the incubation of bacteria that may grow into bacterial populations and lowers allergies.
  • PET Washable Filter Layer: Sturdy and washable filter layer, reducing landfills and decreasing maintenance costs.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

The filters of the purifier differ in price and lifetime so that it won’t be an expensive solution in the long term either. The prices are 499 and 299 for full-effect composite filter elements, carbon array filter elements, and medium-effect composite filter elements, respectively. Their corresponding life years will be two years, three years, and one year, respectively; their costs per day will hence be around 0.68 yuan, 0.46 yuan, and 0.82 yuan, thus relatively inexpensive to be used every day.

Certification and Performance

Further, the Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition has been accented with more prestigious certifications, such as Swiss SGS deodorization certification and medical-grade air purifier certification, proving its efficacy in purification against gases with foul odors.

Sensor and Sterilization Technologies

Coated with a high-strength reflective aluminum film, this apparatus increases the UV irradiation range. The set comes with four high-energy plasma generators responsible for disinfecting viruses and bacteria on the filter’s surface. This will assure total purification so that your air remains hygienically fresh.

Moreover, it has a high-precision super-sensing system to provide sensing devices for PM1, PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, VOCs, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature. In this way, real-time data regarding air quality can be obtained to adjust the operation of the device accordingly.

Smart Home Integration

Additionally, it supports the Mi Home App and multiple intelligent modes: formaldehyde removal, allergy-friendly, pet enhancement, and dirt purification. The user experience is furthermore enhanced by the support for Xiaomi Surge Smart Connection, that allows the purifier to join any other devices under the smart home seamlessly.

The Xiaomi Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition is an original induction intended for better air quality indoors. Equipped with advanced features, certifications, and smart home capabilities, this product turns out to be unique among consumers eyeing a healthier and cleaner living environment. As the presale is scheduled for July 9, one must look for that date to experience this ingenious air purification solution.

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