OPPO and Xiaomi to gradually drop support for 32 bit apps!

OPPO and Xiaomi will soon end support for 32 bit apps. This change will not occur quickly, but support for 32-bit apps will be gradually discontinued starting July 1.

End of support for 32 bit apps

There is no longer any point in continuing to support 32 bit apps since both operating systems and apps are now compatible with 64 bit. Recently, there hasn’t been any production of mobile processors that utilize 32 bit architecture. It became necessary for applications to have 64 bit compatibility in order to consume less battery, and perform more efficiently.

ITGSA’s post on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform) reports that Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have opted to discontinue their support of 32-bit applications.


Apple has been implementing the same policy and supporting the development of 64 bit software for developers since 2015. The situation with Android improved more slowly than expected, but the decision by the three major companies is still a positive progress.

Rumors suggested that devices among Pixel 7 series will not come with support for 32 bit applications, and upon the phones’ release, this speculation proved to be true as the devices support 64 bit applications only. While you can have 32 bit support on Pixel 7 series devices unofficially, Google is adopting a similar strategy to Apple.


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