OPPO and OnePlus to exit European market, starting with UK, Germany, France and Netherlands!

While OnePlus already struggles in Germany, it has been reported that OnePlus and OPPO will exit the European market. Despite the fact that OnePlus devices are well known in Europe, rumors suggest that OPPO is not getting the return on its investment in Europe with high profits.

OPPO showcased their newest technology in MWC and OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 11 this year and it’s one of the cheapest flagship devices with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The 8/128 variant of OnePlus 11 costs £729 in the UK, while Galaxy S23 has a price tag of £849. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are rumors that OPPO and OnePlus will also leave the UK.

Previously, OnePlus was banned from advertising its products and selling phones in Germany after losing a patent lawsuit brought by Nokia. OPPO has been paying Nokia to use Nokia’s own technology. Nokia was displeased that they were still using Nokia’s networking technology after the license agreement expired. Nevertheless, OPPO refused to pay Nokia.

Max Jambor, a well known tech enthusiast, reveals OPPO and OnePlus will bow out of some European countries. On his tweet, it says: “I can confirm: OPPO and OnePlus are pulling out of Europe. First to leave are Germany, UK, France and Netherlands.”

Furthermore, despite the fact that they will leave from certain countries, Max Jambor revealed that OPPO and OnePlus will not exit from all of Europe, but will continue to sell in some European countries.

Updated: March 29

Right after the rumors, OPPO and OnePlus executives denied the claims. OnePlus and OPPO each made their statements, they said they will not exit the European market.

OnePlus Global PR Manager James Patterson said:

OnePlus will not exit from Europe and the UK and maintains stable operations in local markets. OnePlus will continue to invest in Europe and provide more innovative product and solutions to its users.

OPPO’s statement came after OnePlus:

We had a great start in 2023 with the successful launches of several products in Europe and have a line-up of upcoming products for the rest of the year. As always, Oppo will continue to provide more innovative products and the best-in-class service for users moving forward.

We know that OnePlus and OPPO’s situation in Germany is not good at the moment, even though they deny the rumors suggest that they will withdraw. While it’s unclear what OPPO will do in Europe, only time will tell.

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