How to Optimize Charging on Xiaomi Phones

Ensuring your Xiaomi phone charges quickly and efficiently can significantly enhance your daily usage and prolong the device’s lifespan. Xiaomi phones, renowned for their quality and affordability, come with various built-in features designed to optimize battery performance. However, maximizing these features requires specific practices and settings adjustments. Here’s how you can optimize the charging process on your Xiaomi phone to ensure maximum efficiency and speed.

1. Use the Original Charger

Always use the charger that came with your phone or a Xiaomi-certified charger. These chargers are specifically designed to match the charging requirements of your device, supporting fast charging capabilities and protecting the battery’s health. Third-party chargers can not only cause slower charging but might also damage the battery or the phone’s charging port.

2. Optimize Charging Settings

Xiaomi phones are equipped with software options that can help optimize charging:

  • Scheduled Charging: This feature can be found under the Battery settings. It allows you to set specific times for your phone to charge, which can help reduce battery wear over time.
  • Battery Saver Modes: Activating battery saver modes can extend your battery’s lifespan. These modes adjust the phone’s performance and restrict background data usage while the phone charges.

3. Maintain Ambient Temperature

Keep your device out of hot environments. High temperatures can degrade the battery’s health and reduce charging speed. Ideally, charge your phone in a cool, dry place to prevent overheating. If you notice your phone getting unusually hot while charging, disconnect it, and let it cool down before resuming.

4. Opt for Wired Charging

While wireless charging is convenient, it is not always the fastest way to charge your phone. Wired charging, especially with a Xiaomi fast charger, is typically quicker. Use a high-quality USB cable that supports fast charging to maximize the speed.

5. Update Your Phone Regularly

Xiaomi frequently releases software updates that can improve device performance, including optimizations for battery health and charging efficiency. Ensure your phone is up to date with the latest MIUI version available:

  • Go to Settings > About phone > System update.
  • Check for updates and install any available ones.

6. Condition the Battery

If you’ve just got a new Xiaomi phone or after multiple charging cycles, it’s beneficial to condition the battery:

  • Let the battery drain to around 5% once a month, then charge it uninterrupted to 100%.
  • This process helps calibrate the battery indicator, which can improve its accuracy and efficacy.

7. Disable Fast Charging (When Needed)

Fast charging is convenient, but frequent use can affect the battery’s longevity. If you don’t need to charge your phone quickly, consider disabling fast charging from the settings menu. This can help preserve the battery’s capacity over time.

8. Monitor App Usage

Some apps consume more power, which can indirectly affect charging times, especially if used while charging. Monitor app usage and restrict power-intensive apps by:

  • Going to Settings > Battery > Manage apps’ battery usage.
  • Configure settings to restrict background activity for specific apps.

9. Use Airplane Mode

Charging your phone in Airplane mode can significantly speed up the charging process as it suspends wireless transmissions, reducing battery drain during charging.

10. Check for External Factors

Sometimes cases or external factors can affect charging. Make sure the phone’s case is not too thick or doesn’t cover the charging port. Additionally, always check that the charging port is clean. Dust or debris can slow down the charging speed.


Optimizing your Xiaomi phone’s charging practices not only speeds up the charging process but also extends your battery’s health. Implementing these simple tips will ensure that your device charges efficiently, maintaining peak performance throughout its lifespan. Regular maintenance, combined with proper charging habits, guarantees you get the most out of your Xiaomi phone’s battery.

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