How to Check Mi Band Warranty

When you purchase a Xiaomi Mi Band, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is a commitment to stand behind the product. This warranty typically covers any manufacturing defects under normal use conditions within a specified period from the date of purchase. Knowing how to check the warranty status of your Xiaomi Mi Band can save you a lot of time and hassle if you ever need to use the warranty service. Here’s a detailed guide on how to check your Mi Band’s warranty.


Step 1: Locate Your Mi Band’s Serial Number

Before you can check your warranty status, you’ll need to find your Mi Band’s serial number. Here’s how:

  • For Mi Band Box: Look for the security code on the box in which your Mi Band was packaged. It’s usually near the barcode.
  • On the Device: Depending on which Mi Band model you have, the serial number can be found on the back of the band. You might need good lighting and possibly a magnifying glass to see it.

Step 2: Proof of Purchase

Your proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) is crucial for warranty claims. It typically contains the purchase date, which is necessary to determine if the warranty period is still valid. Ensure you keep this document safely; a physical copy is handy, but a digital copy (such as an email receipt or a PDF) can also suffice.

Step 3: Visit the Xiaomi Warranty Check Page

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Xiaomi provides a dedicated online platform where you can check the warranty status of your products:

  • Visit the Official Xiaomi Support Page: Go to the Xiaomi Product Authentication
    designated for your country.
  • Select ‘Xiaomi Product Authentication’: Find and click on the ‘Xiaomi Product Authentication’ option in the support section. You will be prompted to enter details about your product.
  • Enter the Serial Number: Type in the security code of your Mi Band in the required field.
  • Submit the Information: After entering your serial number, proceed to check the warranty status by clicking on the submit button.

Step 4: Analyzing the Warranty Status

Once you submit the serial number, the website will display the warranty status of your Mi Band. It will include:

  • Validity: Whether the warranty is still active or if it has expired.
  • Coverage: What types of repairs and services are covered under the warranty.
  • Duration: The remaining time left on the warranty period, if applicable.

Step 5: Contact Xiaomi Support if Necessary

If your warranty check indicates that your Mi Band is still under warranty and it requires servicing:

  • Contact Xiaomi Support: Use the contact details provided on the warranty status page to reach out to Xiaomi’s customer service.
  • Explain Your Issue: Clearly describe the issue you are experiencing with your Mi Band. Be ready to provide the serial number and a copy of the proof of purchase.
  • Follow Instructions: Xiaomi’s customer service will guide you through the process of availing warranty service, which may include sending the product to a service center.


Checking the warranty status of your Xiaomi Mi Band is a simple yet important task. Whether your device is malfunctioning or you just want to be informed about your warranty period, following the above steps will help you ascertain the necessary information with ease. Remember, keeping a copy of your purchase receipt and knowing your product’s serial number will expedite the process, whether you are checking the warranty status online or contacting customer support. Stay informed and ensure your Mi Band is always covered!

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