Uperf game gurbo guide: Double gaming performance

Uperf-Game Turbo Magisk Module is a radical tool to dynamically adjust your system performance parameters in real-time, based on analyzing various usage scenarios. Supporting an array of sysfs nodes, the exemplary configuration of your device resources allows perfect optimization even under the most challenging circumstances.

Critical features of Uperf-Game Turbo

Dynamically bind threads related to various applications’ UI to your CPU large core cluster; have a better, smoother, and faster UI experience, especially in the most intense moments of every game or running heavy applications. That apart, it also reads touchscreen input signals at the level of the Linux kernel itself so that even the scrapes from your finger are minutely distinguished from slides for more responsiveness and better accuracy.

The module actively samples the system load and reacts to hefty loads instantaneously at the time of the activation of an application, for example. It will also monitor cpuset group updates to detect the active application and wake-up lock operations to determine whether the screen is on or off. It ensures that your device operates properly during its use by listening to notifications from the injected hook into the SurfaceFlinger about the start, lag, and end of rendering processes.

Uperf-Game Turbo supports almost the same: Android in versions from 6.0 to the latest Android 14 and supports the architectures arm64-v8a. It can be easily installed with Magisk.

The module includes tuned configurations for most hardware platforms, enabling it to enhance performance immediately. Support is available for all the major manufacturers, such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Hisilicon, Unisoc, Google, and all models of Samsung, giving the users added performance benefits across these various devices with Uperf-Game Turbo.

Supported SoCs:


  • Snapdragon 210
  • Snapdragon 430/439/425/435/4gen1/4gen2
  • Snapdragon 625/626/636/652/653/660/662/665/675/680/695
  • Snapdragon 710/730g/750g/765/765g/768g/778g/778g+/780g
  • Snapdragon7gen1/Snapdragon 7+gen2/7sgen2/7+gen3
  • Snapdragon 820/821/835/845/855/855+/860/865/865+/870/888/888+
  • Snapdragon 8gen1/8+gen1/8gen2/8gen3/8sgen3/8cxgen2


  • MTK x10/x20
  • Helio p35/p70/p90
  • Helio g25/g80/g90t/g96/g99
  • Dimensity 700/720
  • Dimensity 800/800u/810/820/900/920/930
  • Dimensity 1000/1000+/1000l/1080/1100/1200/1300
  • Dimensity 6100 +/7050/7200/7200u x
  • Dimensity  8000/8100/8200/8300/9000/9000+/9200/9200+


  • Kirin 655/Kirin 659
  • Kirin 710
  • Kirin 955/960/970/980/985/990


  • Tiger sp9863
  • Tiger t606/t618
  • Tiger t710/t770


  • Tensor G1
  • Tensor G2
  • Tensor G3


  • Exynos 1380
  • Exynos 9810/9820/9825
  • Exynos 2100/2200

Uperf-Game Turbo is made for many the devices, taking care that no matter what appearance your hardware might have, it now performs to its optimized potential—be it casual usage or some real hard-core gaming. This module offers flexibility and control so your device works smoothly and efficiently. To get Uperf-Game Turbo module just visit their GitHub page.

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    Tyaaa 4 weeks ago

    does it not support Snapdragon 695?

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    Lynx 4 weeks ago

    What to do with the downloaded file? It extracted to a hundred other files and I don’t know what to do with them

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    But how can we install it?

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    Angel Resendis 4 weeks ago

    How is this done or where do I put the codes?

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