Another OnePlus Nord 2T found exploded while it’s not even charging.

We occasionally hear news of phone explosions involving certain Chinese smartphone manufacturers in India, and unfortunately, a user’s OnePlus Nord 2T has exploded even though it was not charging.OnePlus Nord 2T, which was actually released a year ago, was recently purchased by a user on May 4th. However, within just six days of ownership, the phone exploded while the owner was riding a bike, resulting in a significant injury as depicted in shared photos.

OnePlus Nord 2T explosion in India

The owner of the phone states that it exploded unexpectedly shortly after just using it for a couple days. Fortunately, the owner of the phone has a good health condition and promptly reported the incident to the OnePlus India team. The response received from OnePlus was that the owner is responsible for the phone’s explosion, not the company.

A Twitter post includes the purchase receipt of the phone, further highlighting the concern among users when a newly bought device explodes without being connected to a charger or powerbank. It’s worth noting that this is not a new incident, as there have been previous cases of OnePlus and Xiaomi phones exploding in India, raising questions among many users.


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