Xiaomi unveils new security cameras with HyperOS

Xiaomi has proven to be a world leader in the consumer electronics space for an extended period now. At present, it has launched two fresh products into its smart home series: the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 Dual-Camera Edition and the Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Dual-Camera Edition. Securing your home with dual-camera technology, these innovative cameras take home monitoring to the next level with the perfect angle that catches every spot. Below are details regarding each model and its breakthrough features.

Key Features of Smart Camera C300

Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 Dual-Camera Edition to Crowdfund on June 12 at 10 a.m. Exclusively on Xiaomi Mall/Youpin, this model is as affordable as 269 yuan (retailing at 299 yuan) and sees massive improvements in home security technology.

  • Dual Lenses for Wider View: The Smart Camera C300 is equipped with two 3-million-pixel lenses, having up to 2304×1296 resolution, including one piece of 6mm pan-tilt telephoto lens and one 2.8mm short focal length fixed lens, realizing monitoring of two scenes at the same time, hence reducing blind zones.
  • Versatile Viewing Angles: With a 360° horizontal and 88° vertical viewing angle, the camera permits the capturing of a more oversized frame of motion. One moving and one static lens can ensure dynamic and comprehensive coverage of the area under monitoring.
  • Get Improved Night Vision: Equipped with 12 infrared fill lights for the camera lens, the 940nm makes vision more evident for low-light detection.
  • AI-Enhanced Monitoring: Support for local human detection, virtual fences, etc. The camera supports AI functionalities such as local human detection, drawing a virtual fence, sound detection, and AI face recognition. It can support moving target tracking, provide alarm linkage, and suppress dynamic blind spots.
  • User Interaction: Users can control the gimbal camera through the Mi Home App to focus on areas and enhance monitoring much better. Additionally, the feature also provides for dual-screen playback simultaneously on one screen, while users can independently put a single camera to sleep.

Connectivity and Security

  • Smart Camera C300 Dual Camera: has an AI chip of up to 1TOPS calculation capability, enabling quick and sensitive detection. It also has a Wi-Fi 6 chip for faster and more stable connectivity and a Mijia security chip that prevents hacking and privacy leakage.
  • Smart Camera C500 Dual Camera: smart imaging clarity + AI linkage technology This was soon followed by Xiaomi’s C500 Smart Camera C500 Dual-Camera Edition, which started its crowdfunding campaign on June 10. Its promotion price is 319 yuan, but this time, the configuration is greatly enhanced to achieve better image quality.

Key Features of Smart Camera C500

  • High-definition dual lenses: The C500 model is equipped with two 4MP lenses. The short-focus lens covers 110° of the scene, while the long-focus lens covers 58°, providing more detailed information in the process. This model can support 360° panoramic monitoring.
  • Ultra-Low Light Performance: High-sensitivity image sensor means colors are arrested even in shallow lighting. It supports 16 940nm infrared fill lights to give a better-enhanced night view experience—good and clear.
  • Advanced AI Features: Similar to the C300, this model also supports dual AI detection, pet and baby crying detection, virtual fence, and AI face recognition. Precise dual-camera linkage lets a user monitor and interact via the Mijia App.
  • Sound and Security: an in-built sound cavity and a large diameter speaker enables two-way clear voice communication using the C500. The AI chip is more advanced and supports a Wi-Fi 6 connection, similar to the C300, which is now combined with a Mijia security chip for enhanced security.

Additional Design and Usability

A hoisting bracket mounted with the C500 allows a 360° horizontal and 24° vertical adjustment, allowing coverage of even the area below the monitored space.

The dual-camera Smart Camera C300 and C500 Dual-Camera Editions from Xiaomi will change the game in home monitoring. Empowered by AI technology, the dual cameras will give users home security that is advanced in monitoring and connectivity. It will offer full coverage and a new era in smart home monitoring. With competitive pricing and advanced features, it proves how Xiaomi remains dedicated to being an innovator in creating new opportunities for consumer satisfaction in the line of the smart home market.


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