Xiaomi unveils budget MagSafe powerbank for iPhone users

Xiaomi has introduced a new accessory in China today: the Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 7.5W. The device is a small-sized power bank in its compact appearance, tailored for iPhone users, and also supports MagSafe wireless charging to allow work calmly without the iPhone 12 series and newer models.

MagSafe Convenience Meets Affordable Price

The power bank includes a 7.5W MagSafe wireless charging pad that securely connects to your iPhone with 10N magnets, enabling you to wirelessly charge your phone while, at the same time, delivering power to another device on the go through the USB-C port. The USB-C port alone pushes up to 18W of power. The combined output is limited to 10W.

Quick Charge and Safety Features

The Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank can be fully charged in only 2.2 hours from its USB-C port, which supports input up to 20W. It also supports pass-through charging, which allows you to charge your device while the power bank itself is being recharged.

With this, there is an assurance of safety, reasonable, and reliable charging. Xiaomi has integrated nine safety features, including short-circuit protection and overvoltage protection. An NTC temperature control system guarantees never heating up—not to mention an extra safety guarantee.

Compact Design and Affordable Price

The power bank is 5,000mAh in capacity, rated at 2,800mAh, and will charge an iPhone 15 to a full battery. It is tiny, with dimensions of 103.7 x 68.3 x 12 mm.

Retailing for 129 yuan (about $18), the Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 7.5W is currently one of the most budget-friendly options on the market that will appeal to iPhone users in desperate need of a truly convenient and, at the same time, reliable MagSafe charging option.

Global Availability Uncertain

While now only available in China, there hasn’t been word of a wider rollout. The Anker 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) clocks in at $39.99 as an offer available to those in more mature markets, like the US.

Overall, the Xiaomi Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 7.5W exudes immense value for iPhone consumers in China. Its unique mix of convenience with MagSafe, a competitive price point, fast-charging power, and portability makes it well-placed in the cutthroat competition in mobile accessories.

Source: Xiaomi Youpin

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