Xiaomi SU7 will receive the 1.2.0 update on June 6

A shining example would be Xiaomi, which seems to be on the verge of releasing major firmware updates for its flagship electric vehicle, the SU7, which set in motion the improvement of the driving and user experience across the board with this new operating system update called Xiaomi HyperOS 1.2.0. Such enhancements are put over the air to be rereleased on June 6, and software updates will bring with them a suite of reimagined enhancements and new features that touch up to integrate with a harmonious transition of the ecosystem of products from Xiaomi.

Essential points for upgrading Xiaomi HyperOS 1.2.0

On June 6, Xiaomi SU7 users can get an opportunity to upgrade directly to the latest version of HyperOS 1.2.0 within the car itself. There are no manual requirements to face, for sure, and all its users will hassle with the newest advancement.

Enhanced Intelligent Driving

With the intelligent driving capability of Xiaomi, it can now work in more than ten extra cities at the city-level and navigate on autopilot—meaning more drivers experience driving applications, making their way on the urban roads safely and efficiently.

Intelligent Cockpit Upgrades

One of the excellent features in this update is “parking space nap mode”; that is to say, this gives the chauffeur the chance to take a nap very comfortably in the cabin of the parking car by setting all the conditions, including the seat and climate control, to the best possible relaxation.

Connecting to Mi Home devices

The latter update will extend compatibility with even more Mi Home smart devices, with which your Xiaomi SU7 can now interact better. The situation is such that before reaching home, the house could be pre-cooled, and the light would be automatically lighted once you park.

More Optimizations and Features

Xiaomi has not shared details of what precisely has been optimized in the new update but promised new optimizations and maybe new features. High chances are that they are optimizations of the user interface with changes in responsiveness or new applications and services that would bring forth a new user experience.

What to Expect Frictionless experience

All the enhancements will be pushed through the OTA update without requiring any intervention on the user’s part. Advanced autonomous capabilities: pushes a city NOA further into the hands of more users embracing advanced autonomous driving than ever before and into more cities.

Greater Comfort

The feel of the nap mode shows how much Xiaomi is dedicated to the comfort of the driver and passengers, such that it goes beyond just the car. In real terms, it is a mobile relaxation space.

Smart ecosystem integration

It will deeply connect with Mi Home devices to present a more coherent and responsive ecosystem where the lines between vehicle and home blur.

Xiaomi tried so hard to put everything that’s easily under one intelligent vehicle, which redefines the benchmarks of automotive excellence. All the Xiaomi SU7 owners, on 6 June, are supposed to get the experience to roll over their senses and determine how much better their driving experience can bring.

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