Xiaomi SU7 latest Q&A session: Braking system, Payment Options, Sound simulation and more

Xiaomi’s automotive division has released its 36th Q&A session, tackling various user concerns and questions surrounding the SU7 model. The Chinese tech giant has been actively engaging with its customers, providing transparency and clarity on the features and capabilities of its electric vehicle.

Main Question Topics

Questions about the top legendary features found in the Xiaomi SU7 have been answered.

Braking System and Safety Features

One of the highlights of the Xiaomi SU7 is its impressive braking system. In the event of an emergency, the SU7’s braking system utilizes a “four-fold redundancy” strategy that ensures the vehicle can stop safely even if one or more components fail. This includes the use of P mode to slow the vehicle down, as well as the kinetic energy recovery function of the electric motor, which can generate a deceleration force of up to -0.36 g. The result is a safe driving experience that allows the vehicle to stop quickly, even in unexpected scenarios.

  1. If the brake pedal is broken or stuck, you can hold down the P position to slow down and brake.
  2. If the brake module fails, the DPB and ESP act as backups for each other.
  3. If the DPB and ESP fail at the same time, conventional mechanical hydraulic braking can still be relied on for effective deceleration.
  4. They also have the last layer of protection. Thanks to the kinetic energy recovery function of the Xiaomi super motor, deceleration can reach 0.36g with reverse torque.

Xiaomi SU7 Back

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Connectivity

One user queried whether the SU7’s infotainment system can connect to Bluetooth keyboards or mice, enabling users to utilize WPS while parked. Xiaomi responded that it has not developed specific support for Bluetooth mouse or keyboard input functionality via WPS. However, users can download WPS from the in-car app store and utilize touch-screen browsing and basic editing capabilities.

Sound System and Speaker Configuration

Another user asked if the absence of the 25-speaker system would affect the vehicle’s sports sound simulation. Xiaomi clarified that the SU7’s sports sound simulation requires the 25-speaker system to function optimally. The Max version comes equipped with the 25-speaker system, while the standard and Pro versions can only experience the full effect of the sports sound simulation if the 25-speaker system is opted for.

Payment Options and Digital Currencies

When asked about the possibility of using digital currencies like the digital yuan for payment, Xiaomi stated that it currently does not support such transactions. However, the company offers a range of payment options, including WeChat Pay, Alipay, Xiaomi Pay, and cloud flash pay, for both deposits and final payments.

Remote Viewing and Sentinel Mode

Some users reported issues with remote viewing, and Xiaomi clarified that the Sentinel mode must be activated and running normally for remote viewing to work. The company emphasized the importance of ensuring the vehicle is empty and locked before activating Sentinel mode, which is necessary for remote viewing. However, it is important to note that enabling “Parking Power Retention” will disable Sentinel Mode, and consequently, the remote viewing functionality.

Xiaomi Auto’s transparent responses to community queries reflect their commitment to fostering an informed and engaged community. By addressing concerns and providing practical insights, they are building trust with their audience, an essential aspect of any successful automotive brand.

With each insightful answer, Xiaomi Auto continues to generate excitement and anticipation for the SU7, solidifying its position as a highly anticipated addition to the electric vehicle market.

Note: This article is a translation and interpretation of the original Chinese text, adapted for an international audience. Some nuances may have been adapted to maintain clarity and flow in English.

Source: Ithome

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