Xiaomi SU7 hits new heights in deliveries in May

Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market has picked up some remarkable steam, as seen in the impressive solid delivery figures of its flagship model, the Xiaomi SU7. Deliveries of the new SU7 amounted to 8,630 cars a demonstration of high customer demand and good production abilities by the company.

Speeding Up Production to Meet Demand

In response to the growing order inflow for the Xiaomi SU7, it is expected that the Xiaomi Auto Factory will switch from a single shift to double shifts on its production lines starting June 2024. The strategic change aims to increase output from the factory to over 10,000 units monthly. Part of the general efforts of Xiaomi includes an increase in production capacity and the optimization of every operation touchpoint so that products can be delivered to its growing customer base promptly.

Ambitious Target 2024

The company has set an ambitious sales target for the year, looking to deliver nothing below 100,000 units of the SU7 model. With the momentum being witnessed at the moment, the company is not just flowing towards its position but is sprinting towards loftier goals of 120,000 units. Fueling this positive outlook is the market’s cramming response towards SU7 and Xiaomi’s relentless efforts to broaden their production capacity.

Future Outlook

From this production capacity data and the high delivery target set for the SU7 model, analysts in the industry see Xiaomi’s determination to break new ground in the EV market. The direction set by the success of the SU7 could lead to the other most innovative models and technologies coming in another step-change year for the automotive industry. With 2021 promising to be full of hustle and bustle, the whole world of automobiles is waiting with bated breath to see how this electric journey will continue for Xiaomi.

Source: Xiaomi Car Weibo

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