Xiaomi SU7 got new HyperOS 1.2.2 update

Xiaomi’s pioneer steps to the electric vehicle market were highly expected and created much excitement. Their first electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7, is already equipped with a number of advanced and user-friendly features. The more recent OTA update 1.2.2 complements additional functions mainly for variants SU7 Pro and SU7 MAX.

Key Updates in 1.2.2 OTA

New City Navigation Assistant

Probably the most exciting new feature in this update has been a new city navigation assistant. It is now more widely available in 10 major cities and only on SU7 Pro and SU7 MAX. The enhancement wants to deliver better urban driving with smoother and more intuitive navigation in complex city environments.

Enhanced SR Road Detection System

The update also updated the SR road detection system. For drivers using the urban pilot support function, the system now supports a full-lane display. This means that, once the function is activated, better detection and display of all lanes on the road by the vehicle increase driving safety and precision. Again, this feature is reserved only for the SU7 Pro and SU7 MAX.

Turn Signal Image Display

This is a practical and safe addition: automated display of the turn image. That means that every time the turn signal is on, the image from the corresponding side will be displayed automatically to give drivers a clearer view of their surroundings when making turns; thus, it reduces blind spots and possible accidents.

HUD Eye-Level Matching

The update brings an all-new HUD one-click matching eye-level function to the SU7 MAX. The new function now gives drivers a better adjustment of the angle of the Head-Up Display towards their eye level with just one click for both comfort and presentation of crucial information in the direct field of vision.

Advanced Navigation on Highways and Urban Freeways

Couple this with the update including lane navigation by highways and freeways in urban areas. This change will enable drivers to have lane information, therefore making long drives easier but also making it easier to get around unfamiliar towns.

Brake Disc Rust Removal

One of the unusual but handy features seems to be a new function that removes rust from the brake disks. When active, it has the facility to quickly apparent rust from the brake disks and can be pretty helpful with vehicles in coastal/humid regions, where it often is a problem.

Automatic Parking Camera

Eventually, one more new pertinent enhancement in this function is the camera setting for auto-operation. This feature allows the cameras to take the surrounding environment and parking lot photos automatically when one is parking. Then, via the Xiaomi Auto APP, one can view pictures after the driver has exited from the vehicle. This will ensure that drivers monitor their surroundings and avoid less-safe parking experiences.

This becomes especially true for the SU7 Pro and, more generally, the SU7 MAX from Xiaomi, given how much the 1.2.2 OTA update optimizes user experience, safety, and convenience. As it is for electric vehicles, Xiaomi editors are very aggressive, as proved by this update: serious about innovation and customer satisfaction. The addition of these new features, will let owners of the SU7 series drive intuitively, safely, and enjoy fully.

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