Xiaomi SU7 Addresses Concerns on Ground Clearance, Tire Grip, and Brake Rust

In its latest Q&A session, Xiaomi’s automotive division has responded to several concerns raised by users, providing clarity on the ground clearance of its SU7 models, the grip of low-rolling-resistance tires, and the issue of brake rust in rainy or humid weather conditions.

Main Question Topics

Uniform Ground Clearance Across SU7 Models?

One of the questions addressed was whether the ground clearance of the three SU7 models – standard, Pro, and Max – is the same. Xiaomi clarified that the Max version, which comes equipped with air suspension, has a higher minimum ground clearance of 134mm compared to the standard and Pro versions, which have a clearance of 120mm.

Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires: A Concern for Grip?

Users who opt for the 19-inch low-rolling-resistance tires were wondering about their grip performance. Xiaomi assured that these tires still offer excellent grip and should not raise concerns about skidding. In fact, the SU7 Max, when paired with these tires and low-drag wheels, can achieve a CLTC range of 810km and support 2.78-second acceleration from 0-100km/h.

The automaker also highlighted the advanced Bosch-developed DPB+ESP10.0 system, which comes equipped with dynamic torque control (dTCS) algorithms. These features enable the vehicle to distribute braking force and torque effectively, minimizing the likelihood of skidding during daily driving.

Brake Rust: A Common Issue in Rainy Weather

Xiaomi addressed the concern of brake rust in rainy or humid weather conditions, a common issue faced by many vehicle owners. The company explained that its SU7 model comes equipped with an excellent kinetic energy recovery braking system, which reduces the need for hydraulic braking. However, this can also lead to brake rust.

To mitigate this issue, Xiaomi offers two brake rust prevention features: passive and active. The passive feature uses the regenerative braking system to periodically engage the hydraulic brakes and remove rust. The active feature, which will be added through an OTA update, allows users to manually activate the hydraulic brakes to quickly remove rust when the vehicle is stationary for an extended period.

SU7 Tire

Additional Tips and Features

Xiaomi also addressed two other user concerns. The first was about the windshield wiper remaining in an upright position and not returning to its original state. The company explained that this occurs when the “rain wiper maintenance mode” is activated, allowing users to replace the wiper blades easily. To resolve this, users need to toggle off the mode on the central control screen.


The second concern was about whether the air conditioning system would automatically turn on the drying function after reaching the destination and turning off the engine. Xiaomi confirmed that its SU7 models come equipped with an evaporator self-drying function, which automatically activates the blower motor to dry the evaporator when the air conditioning is turned off, preventing mold and unpleasant odors.

By addressing these concerns, Xiaomi has demonstrated its commitment to providing its users with a safe and convenient driving experience.

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