Xiaomi/Ninebot Electric Scooter Error Code List

Xiaomi electric scooters are known for their reliability and advanced technology. However, like all high-tech devices, they can sometimes encounter issues. Understanding the error codes can significantly expedite troubleshooting. Below is a detailed list of error codes for various models including the Xiaomi M365 (which uses auditory signals) and models such as the M365 Pro, Essential, 1S, and Pro 2 which display error codes directly on the dash.

Xiaomi M365 [Sound Only]

  • 1 Long, 0 Short Beeps: Communication with the panel is anomalous
  • 1 Long, 1 Short Beeps: Phase A of the motor current is abnormal
  • 1 Long, 2 Short Beeps: Phase B of the motor current is abnormal
  • 1 Long, 3 Short Beeps: Phase C of the motor current is abnormal
  • 1 Long, 4 Short Beeps: Acceleration sensor reading is abnormal
  • 1 Long, 5 Short Beeps: Brake sensor read is abnormal
  • 1 Long, 8 Short Beeps: Motor sensor read is abnormal

Xiaomi M365 Pro, Essential, 1S, Pro 2 [Visible On Dash]

  • 2 Long, 1 Short Beeps: Communication error with the BMS
  • 2 Long, 2 Short Beeps: Bad BMS password
  • 2 Long, 3 Short Beeps: Serial number of the anomalous BMS
  • 2 Long, 4 Short Beeps: Abnormal system voltage
  • 2 Long, 6 Short Beeps: Save operation in the Flash memory is wrong, please check the controller
  • 2 Long, 7 Short Beeps: Bad controller password
  • 2 Long, 8 Short Beeps: Some state of the MOSFET is anomalous
  • 2 Long, 9 Short Beeps: Low status of the MOSFET is anomalous
  • 3 Long, 1 Short Beeps: Program jump error
  • 3 Long, 5 Short Beeps: Serial number of the scooter is wrong
  • 3 Long, 9 Short Beeps: Temperature of the battery sensor is abnormal
  • 4 Long, 0 Short Beeps: Sensor temperature of the controller is abnormal

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Error Code List

Segway Ninebot scooters, including models like the ES1, ES2, ES4, and the Max Series, display error codes on the dash which helps in diagnosing issues quickly.

Error Codes [Visible On Dash]

  • 10: Dashboard and controller communication issue
  • 11: Phase A of motor abnormal
  • 12: Phase B of motor abnormal
  • 13: Phase C of motor abnormal
  • 14: Throttle hall abnormal
  • 15: Brake hall abnormal
  • 16: Battery change MOS abnormal
  • 17: External battery change MOS abnormal
  • 18: Motor hall abnormal
  • 19: Battery voltage abnormal
  • 20: External battery voltage abnormal
  • 21: Battery communication failed
  • 22: Battery code failed
  • 23: Battery default serial number
  • 24: System voltage test abnormal
  • 26: Flash saving error
  • 27: Control code error
  • 28: Motor driver mos up-bridge short circuit
  • 29: Motor driver mos down-bridge short circuit
  • 31: Program skip error
  • 35: Unit has default serial number
  • 39: Battery temperature abnormal
  • 40: Control board temperature abnormal
  • 41: External battery temperature abnormal
  • 42: External battery communication error
  • 43: External battery code error
  • 44: External has default serial number
  • 45: Internal BMS deep cell discharge
  • 46: External BMS deep cell discharge
  • 47: Internal BMS communication error
  • 48: External BMS communication error
  • 49: Internal BMS flash mismatch
  • 50: External BMS firmware flash mismatch

Steps to Reset Your Xiaomi Scooter

If you encounter persistent issues with your Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, a reset might be necessary. Here’s how to reset most Xiaomi scooters:

  1. Turn off the scooter: Ensure that your scooter is completely turned off.
  2. Press the brake lever and throttle: Hold these components down simultaneously.
  3. Turn the scooter on: While holding the lever and throttle, turn the scooter on.
  4. Hold for a few seconds: Continue to hold the brake lever and throttle for about 10 seconds until the lights begin to flash.
  5. Release and restart: Let go of all buttons and levers, then turn the scooter off and on again.

This reset can clear out any lingering errors in the system, but it won’t resolve issues caused by physical damage or severe electrical malfunctions.


Whether you own a Xiaomi or Segway Ninebot electric scooter, understanding the meaning behind the error codes can be the key to quick and efficient troubleshooting. This knowledge not only helps in maintaining your scooter in optimal condition but also ensures a safer ride. Always refer to the official user manual for detailed guidance on troubleshooting specific error codes or consult with a professional repair service when in doubt.

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