Xiaomi introduces Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max

Xiaomi forayed into a new era of home cleaning with its foray into the Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max, which is priced at an opening price of 2,499 yuan. Now available for purchase, this latest innovation for house cleaning seems to be bound strictly for the Chinese market.

Features and Key Innovations

The Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max serves the modern homemaker looking for an efficient and thorough cleaning tool. It derives a good number of features from this one, which can also recline at 180 degrees; that is pretty marvelous in reaching the areas beneath the bed and sofa.

Advanced Cleaning Capabilities

Innovative “five-in-one” house cleaning that integrates sterilization, washing, drying, and active elimination of dirt and mites into one step. This is another home appliance feature that will help customers ensure an easier way to have a clean and healthy home.

Ergonomic Design

The Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max is so slim and light in weight, so it is easy to manipulate. The 180° tipping mechanism further makes this feature altogether healthier to the end user, and implemented by the auxiliary wheels that reduce resistance in horizontal use, so it makes it user friendly and easy on the user.

Innovative Water Separation and Sterilization Technology

The product is designed in a way that it can effectively separate water vapor without causing any dirty water contamination of the fan system. It has one-button sterilization and self-cleaning. Every sterilization process using water, for instance, automatically dries using hot air, thus doing better at hygiene and being convenient.

Powerful Suction and Filtration

With advanced scrappers which have more comb teeth in a double-row structure and with a powerful 18000Pa suction, clogging chances are way less, helping provide better cleaning efficiency. A novel design of the double dust chamber further brings down suction loss, making complete cleaning possible.

Battery Life and Performance

In the powerpak compartment, the Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max plays host to a large 6-cell battery pack summing up to a total of 4000mAh. That battery delivers a long-lasting timetable: up to 40 minutes per charge for floor cleaning and 50 minutes for vacuuming. The big battery supports extensive cleaning sections without frequent recharges.

Efficient Storage

The product has a combined storage base for the main unit and its accessories, requiring no separate drilling for installation. This makes it very shelf-sufficient in space and also a well-decorated beauty in the receipt of the solution.

Market Availability

The Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max is being sold only in China. Officially, this move is one of strategy, which will assist Xiaomi in targeting its massive home market, where clearly the need for innovative solutions to home cleaning is on the rise.

Xiaomi henceforth sets a new definition for home technology with the Mijia Wireless Floor Cleaner 3 Max. This renders many functions of cleaning in one machine, showing versatility and strength meeting the diverse needs of today’s consumers. With customers assured of higher innovative levels from this point on, courtesy of Xiaomi, they can expect more advanced, user-friendly products in the near future.

Source: ITHome

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