Hidden “disable ads” feature discovered in Xiaomi HyperOS

One of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi, has been equipping its system applications with a relatively obscure feature outside China for quite a while now. Thanks to this feature, ads that pop up within these system apps can be turned off for less clutter and, thus, more user-friendliness.

Hidden Menu

This is another feature, unfortunately, located in an obscure part within the settings on Xiaomi devices. If you have a Xiaomi device running a China-based HyperOS, you just need to enter  your Mi Account information menu and voilà: a menu option “Ads in System Apps” appears under the setting “About Xiaomi Account.” While this is a very little-known setting everywhere, it may mean more to users who value an ad-free experience on their gadgets. This feature is also available in the Xiaomi Account app dated 23.12. So as far as we know, this feature has been available in HyperOS for 8 months.

How It Works

The “Ads in System Apps” option is for toggling the ad display within Xiaomi’s system application. Turning it off allows users to enjoy the overall experience, devoid of ads that pop everywhere, such as the music player, file manager, or other apps provided by Xiaomi.

Limitation to HyperOS

Unfortunately, this ad-disabling option exists only on Xiaomi HyperOS China. The global versions of their HyperOS ROM in Europe, India, and so on still do not have this option available. This disparity has frustrated some global users looking forward to having an ad-free experience within their system apps.

User Feedback and Hopes for Global ROM

The global Xiaomi community has been very outspoken regarding adopting this feature into Global ROMs. Now, as users point out across forums and social media platforms, turning off advertisements might go a long distance in improving user experience and would align with Xiaomi’s user-centric approach while designing smartphones.

If you want to test whether this feature is available or not, you can download and test various versions of the Xiaomi Account app and report whether it is available or not.

Xiaomi’s Approach

Xiaomi has often been lauded for its ability to make premium features somewhat accessible on a budget. By integrating ads within their system apps, the vendor has, arguably, created one of the most controversial decisions concerning user experience. With a simple toggle providing the possibility to hide these ads, Xiaomi could address yet another common complaint and further bolster its reputation as a brand that listens to its user base.

Conclusion As it stands, in China, the “Ads in System Apps” option is only available to users of Xiaomi’s HyperOS. The global community is still hoping that this very user-friendly option will be included with the following Global ROM updates. That would not only further emphasize an enriched experience for current users but might also lure new customers who, among other top priorities while choosing a smartphone, consider a clean, ad-free interface. For now, Xiaomi users outside China must wait to determine if the company will respond to the growing demand for this functionality in international markets.

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    Jean Marie 2 weeks ago


    I tested the latest china apk and it crashes the app. So we can’t test the ad removal. I’m on a global Europe rom

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    Frías 2 weeks ago

    Hi I am still waiting for the update for my redmi note 10 pro cell phone by when do you plan to do it, put date for that.

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    Qudratullah 2 weeks ago

    Not available on Redmi Note 13

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    Akhtarhusen Khatri 2 weeks ago

    Fake Information there isnt such option like this no option like ads in system app under about Xiaomi account.

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    Abdulmalik Jaafar 2 weeks ago

    The article says that it’s only available on the China variant of HyperOS.

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    THIT HTOO SONE 2 weeks ago


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