Xiaomi dominates early 2024 European smartphone market

Xiaomi has, however, lamely announced its arrival in Europe. According to the most recent data from Canalys for the first quarter of 2024, Xiaomi has captured not only the title of the 3rd best-selling smartphone brand but also presented impressive sales figures underlining its growing power in this fierce market.

The Emergence of Xiaomi

It is suggested that Xiaomi’s strategy of filling the markets of Europe with gadgets that are pretty feature-rich and, at the same time, affordable for many has worked very well with consumers. In the case of popular models, it is mainly said by the success in the sales of Redmi 13C and Redmi Note 13 4G—1.2 million and 1.1 million units, respectively. That means that they hold 5th and 7th place in selling ratings across Europe. In the previous report, Q1 2023, there was no mention of Xiaomi.


Though Xiaomi has been going to the lead, holding the first and second places in the overall sales list, Apple remains a vital competitor. This speaks of the diverse European consumers who cannot give preference to either high-class or middle-class smartphones. The 4th spot was taken by Samsung Galaxy A15, another mid-range competitor, which shows apparent consumer love for affordable but reliable smartphones.

Market Insights

It means Xiaomi’s performance is part of a broader trend toward more affordable phones in Europe. It gained 2% more market share, consolidating its place as the third best overall selling brand.

Projected Outlooks

As Xiaomi expands across Europe, the brand is expected to hold its position at the top of the affordable phone market. This will probably continue to be the trend, as consumers keep watching their pockets in the face of economic conditions that have remained challenging.

Xiaomi has been noted for its excellent performance in the first quarter of 2024, ascertaining a strategic focus on the balance of quality and affordability. As such, Xiaomi is supposed to set somewhat of a benchmark, or at least that is the hope, that other brands will follow when trying to get at the price-sensitive populace in Europe and beyond as the smartphone market reconfigures itself. With its current trajectory, Xiaomi redefines not just value within the Smartphone industry but also sets the stage for future innovations and market dynamics in the European region.


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