Xiaomi Car accelerates the delivery of the SU7 Series, breaking 10,000 units for monthly delivery

In what seemed to be a massive update from Xiaomi Motors, it was announced that the delivery process for its SU7 series will be faster than ever. By adopting double-shift production in June, Xiaomi successfully crossed the benchmark of 10,000 monthly vehicle deliveries with the SU7 series. This forms a massive development in Xiaomi’s journey through the automobile market with its ever-famous SU7 series.

As of July 1, the Xiaomi SU7 series will further slash its delivery time by up to 5 weeks in terms of delivery timeline once the order is confirmed. This improvement in delivery efficiency lies at the core of Xiaomi’s more excellent strategy for better meeting expanding customer demand and improving user satisfaction.

Production Optimization and Maintenance

The new round of production line optimization and maintenance has been planned by Xiaomi Auto in preparation for further production capacity boosts. Notably, Xiaomi wants to assure customers that these optimizations will not interfere with their goal of delivering more than 10,000 units in July, maintaining strong delivery momentum.

Current Delivery Schedules

Xiaomi Auto’s official reservation page, the expected delivery times after an order gets locked are as follows:

  • Xiaomi SU7: Estimated delivery between 27 and 30 weeks.
  • Xiaomi SU7 Pro: The delivery time is estimated to be somewhere around 21-24 weeks.
  • Xiaomi SU7 Max: It would be delivered within 29-32 weeks.

These revised delivery times reflect a vast improvement. They are very indicative of Xiaomi Motors’ effort to iron out kinks in their production process and be more responsive to customer needs.

Looking Ahead

By increasing the number of production shifts and rationalizing lines, Xiaomi is quite aggressive toward ramping up output while bringing down wait times for customers. Against a dynamically changing backdrop of the automobile business, Xiaomi’s strategic steps reflect a relatively strong commitment toward staying competitive and delivering customer orders quickly.

Equally, with this accelerated delivery, Xiaomi will not only yield better customer satisfaction but will also be on its way to becoming a responsive and agile player in the global electric vehicle market. That’s to say; customers would be expecting further reduced waiting times if not an acceleration of delivery for this pioneer SU7 series as Xiaomi continues to grok out its automotive footprint.


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