Xiaomi brings Xiaomi SU7 to India today

Xiaomi India is all set to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style on July 9. It has lined up a series of product launches, including the most expected Redmi 13 5G smartphone, an all-new power bank, earbuds, and many more exciting products. All fans can get this tenth-anniversary event loaded with surprises and breaking revelations.

The most exciting announcement would be the showcase of the luxurious Xiaomi SU7. Though this C-class luxury sedan is not available in India for immediate sale, the company will launch it in front of people here in Bengaluru. Teasing it further, Xiaomi India’s Sandeep Sarma wrote to Twitter, “We have got something exciting to showcase to you all as part of our #XiaomiIndiaTurns10 and to celebrate #10yearsOfTomorrow.” There was also an image of a truck alongside this tweet, indicating that this will be a high-profile launch and not just another product.

The Xiaomi SU7 in itself is an example of automotive design. From the wheel to axle and wheel height, through the height-to-width ratio—every dimension happens to be in the ‘Golden Ratio.’ Sleek, lying low at its front end, smooth contours add to the elegance and aerodynamic efficiency in reaching a remarkably low drag coefficient of 0.195. Color options will include stunning shades such as Meteor Blue and Lava Orange, while the interior will have Galaxy Gray or Obsidian Black.

Inside, the SU7 features a balanced layout with symmetrical placement of the steering wheel, seats, and dashboard. It boasts a 16.1-inch central control screen, reinforcing its high-tech allure. The sedan also integrates extensively with Xiaomi smart home devices, creating a seamless CarIoT ecosystem.

Performance-wise, it is hard not to be impressed by the Xiaomi SU7, with its rapid acceleration and a high top speed. Such speeds come from usage—state-of-the-art silicon carbide technology that allows maximum efficiency and fast charging times. From a safety point of view, this beast of a car is constructed with a cage made from a steel-aluminum alloy and comes loaded with up to 16 active safety systems bέν.

Although the Xiaomi SU7 won’t be available for buying at any moment in time in India, there might be a chance of its launch if there is enough fan demand. Whatever the case may be, the 10th-anniversary event in Bengaluru will be one that will make fans remember, bringing forth such a beauty and a new lineup of tech products from Xiaomi.


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