Renewed Control Center in ColorOS 13: Combination of Functionality and Aesthetics

The world of technology is constantly evolving with the innovative features of mobile operating systems. Aiming to keep up with this situation, Oppo’s user interface ColorOS aims to offer a better experience to its users with each new version. The renewed control center that comes with ColorOS 13 combines functionality and aesthetics, making smartphone use easier and more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at the new control center features of ColorOS 13.

Modern and Stylish Design

The control center of ColorOS 13 has been redesigned with aquamorphic design. Thanks to this design, which offers a clean and minimalist appearance, it allows users to perform their operations quickly and comfortably. The renewed icons and layout allow you to have an aesthetic experience while using your smartphone.

The control center, which can also adapt according to the colours in the wallpaper, feels quite special. Taking a closer look at the design, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons have large rounded rectangular icons, while the other elements remain classic. At the same time, when playing a media, the bluetooth icon slides under the Wi-Fi icon, revealing a rounded square media panel. This feature provides convenience for users in media playback.

Customisable Quick Functions

The revamped control center better adapts to users needs by offering customisable quick functions. With this feature, you can add the functions you use most frequently to your control center for quick access, and remove the features you never use from the control center.

At the same time, you can organise the functions in the order you want with the drag and drop feature. You can also organise the quick function icons according to yourself. Enter the “Settings” application and tap the “Wallpaper & styles” section. Then enter the “Quick settings” section at the bottom. Choose the most suitable icon from 6 different icons here.


The revamped control center that comes with ColorOS 13 perfectly combines modern design and functionality. With the features it offers, it can be said that this control center meets the needs and expectations of users. ColorOS 13 is a remarkable update for those who want to make smartphone use more fluid and enjoyable.

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