Redmi introduces new bluetooth speaker designed for outdoor adventures

Redmi has officially introduced a new Bluetooth speaker that, with its robust features and style in design, will add flavor to all your outdoor activities. This “Small Steel Cannon” speaker is especially designed for outdoor scenes such as camping and hiking. Combining durability, top-of-the-range sound, and user-friendly features in a nice blend to make outdoor adventures great is what it’s meant to offer.

Redmi Bluetooth Speaker Key Highlights

Stylish and Portable

  • Trendy Colors: The speaker is available in three fashionable colors, featuring cool and personalized design that fits well with various personal styles.
  • Lightweight Design: The design of this speaker is such that it is light enough to tip the scale similarly to the way an apple does, which makes it perfect for carrying around with ease and can very quickly be used outdoors without any burden.

Outdoor Protection

  • Durable Build: The speaker is covered in a soft material of rubber that makes it shockproof and also comfortable to hold.
  • Water and Dustproof: It has an IP67 rating, totally dustproof and waterproof to the extreme that it can survive anyway.

Sound Quality and Performance

  • Acoustic Design: It features 1.5-inch full-range speakers that envelop sound entirely over a wide field. Bass Enhancement: Equipped with passive bass, the speaker unit provides a deep dive enhancement for better sound quality.
  • Balanced Tuning: The vocal effects are naturally balanced, giving clear and moving listeners.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: The newest technology in Bluetooth means high-speed and stable signal transmission with low latency.

Better User Experience

  • Durability: Up to 5 hours of battery life; hence, you can continuously enjoy streaming your music without running to recharge the battery.
  • TWS Combination Stereo Sound: Supports two machines to realize TWS combination stereo sound, with independent left and proper channels for a more robust stereo output.
  • User-friendly operation: Big buttons make it quick to pair and a connection stable.

Pricing and availability

Redmi Bluetooth Speaker is priced attractively at 99 yuan and is now open for reservation. Official sale will commence on June 14th, making it affordable to most people seeking quality sound on the go.

Redmi is also running an offer; if customers forward the promo message to others and follow Redmi on their social media channels, they can win a new speaker unit.

The Redmi Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice for all outdoor enthusiasts who wish to have a portable, long-lasting, and high-quality sound system. Foldable and lightweight, with a stylish design, the Redmi Bluetooth Speaker will easily be able to follow you on any of your adventures: camping, hiking, or spending your day out in the sun. Book yours today and elevate your outdoor experiences to new levels with the latest from Redmi.


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