Redmi 13 and POCO M6 received the July security update

In other news, Xiaomi’s subsidiaries, POCO and Redmi, have also released the latest security updates for their popular smartphone models. The POCO M6 and Redmi 13 started reaching the Russian market. This update brings the July 2024 security patch along with general changes aimed at improving system security and stability.

Update Information

The new firmware is version OS1.0.5.0.UNTRUXM, which has for its base HyperOS 1.0, Xiaomi’s latest operating system that makes the device much cleaner and efficient. This update not only enhances the safety features of the devices but also makes them run smoothly because of many other under-the-hood improvements done.

Key Points of the Update:

  • Security Patch: Included the July 2024 security patch, which works to fix a host of security vulnerabilities to ensure that user data is safe against just-identified threats.
  • System Stability: The new update has enhanced the system performance of both POCO M6 and Redmi 13 devices, making it more stable overall, ultimately giving the user a more reliable experience.

This, then, pits the POCO M6 against the Redmi 13, where both devices are known to pack a punch but stay within budget. Here’s a quick rundown of what these devices offer:

  • Display: 90 Hz IPS display ensures smooth scroll and touch interaction.
  • Processor: Underneath is the MediaTek Helio G91 Ultra, a powerful processor enabling top-notch speeds without conspicuous lags for gaming and daily usage.
  • Memory: 6GB RAM on both the models enables smooth operational flow as users shift between applications.
  • Hardware: They are essentially entry-level smartphones designed with features that will help to serve even the basic user without attrition in performance.
  • User Experience: The user interface on both POCO M6 and Redmi 13 with HyperOS 1.0 will come up as smoother and more responsive. The operating system has specifically been retouched in favor of the customer to strip out bloatware and enhance critical functions to be more intuitive.

How to Update

Manually, the update can be checked through Settings > About phone > System update. In case of availability, users can download and install the update by following the on-screen instructions. It is advisable to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and ample battery life before performing the update in order to prevent any disturbance in connectivity.

Or you can download latest OTA zip from our download page.

Where there was the July security patch available for its POCO M6 and Redmi 13 immediately, Xiaomi congratulated providing the update on time to ensure the safety and performance of the device. By further reaching more users with these updates, their overall comfort of use is improved, and these devices remain competitive in the market.

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