POCO Launcher July 2024 Update: new HyperOS 1.5 animations

In these ever-dynamic states of Android customization, POCO claims to have ventured an enormous leap forward with the launch of their major update to the POCO Launcher coming this July 2024. This update is supposedly making significant changes to the user experience for POCO devices, focusing on performance optimization and ensuring the interface is smoother and more responsive.

Key Features POCO Launcher July 2024 Update

The July update for POCO Launcher is built on the base of HyperOS 1.5 and brings several exciting improvements:

  • New App-Launch Animations: Comes with new app launch animations, making the transition from app to app seamlessly fluid on the device.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: Continuing the quest for quality, this update fixes several bugs and generally improves launcher stability and performance.
  • Performance Optimizations: Users will notice a general improvement in speed and responsiveness. The new launcher makes app launches and transitions faster and smoother, significantly increasing user interface speed.

July 2024 Update — Highlights

Before the July update, the June 2024 update laid the groundwork with its series of enhancements:

  • Performance Improvements: Significant tweaks have been made in increasing smooth transitions and boosting the launching speed of applications. This has substantially reduced the latency and made navigation smooth.
  • Compatibility: The May update was written to run the launcher smoothly on the latest POCO smartphones based on the HyperOS and MIUI 14.
  • User Experience Improvements: Some performance enhancements arrived hand in hand with the tuning and bug fixes based on users’ feedback; as a result, it was more solid, robust, and continuous in operation.
  • Optimized Interface: POCO Launcher has always been focused on making devices more customizable and friendly. This update streamlined the experience with better gesture controls and theme support.

Steps to Install the POCO Launcher July 2024 Update

Upgrade your user experience, if you can’t wait for the new POCO Launcher update, with these steps:

  1. Get the HyperOS Downloader: Visit the Google Play Store and install the HyperOS Downloader App to your POCO device.
  2. Open the Apps menu: Open the HyperOS Downloader app and click on the ‘Apps’ menu from the bottom bar.
  3. Update POCO Launcher: Find the POCO Launcher in the list of apps and update it to the latest version.

Additional Tips

  • Update All Apps: After using the HyperOS downloader app installation, update all the other applications from HyperOS to be sure that everything will be running with the latest features and improvements.
  • Direct Download: If you prefer, you can directly download the Xiaomi HyperOS POCO Launcher from the provided link.

The July 2024 POCO Launcher update isn’t just a tiny upgrade; it’s a massive user-experience overhaul. Emphasizing the keys to performance, steadiness, and fluency, POCO Launcher remains one of the most popular choices among users to customize the Android interface efficiently. Both old scrolls and newcomers should appreciate the many features and improvements included in this update.

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    Saikumar 2 weeks ago


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    Rakib 2 weeks ago

    Xiaomi hyperos update my phone.. Plz

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    johnfoong 2 weeks ago

    finally my poco f4 gt got a new life😢

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    Sergio 2 weeks ago

    My redmi 13 note still does not have hyperoS when it will be updated.

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    Qudratullah 2 weeks ago

    The only launcher that is customizable to the highest level of the owner is Microsoft Launcher, but unfortunately, Xiaomi doesn’t support it. And this is the greatest bug for me in Xiaomi. I deeply regret my change from Samsung.

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    Toby 2 weeks ago

    My Redmi 13C is basically shit, I’ve been regretting my decision to get it ever since I did cause it lacks so many simple features that 12C had, I don’t even know how this is meant to be an upgrade to 12C it’s basically a massive downgrade…. No scroll shot, floating tabs and so many other features and the phone heats up too easily
    13C needs to be fixed!

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