OPPO Pad 2 and OnePlus Pad to feature center stage feature on video calls!

The latest update for OPPO Pad 2 will bring a feature exists on iPads for a long time, called “Center Stage”, having your face constantly centered in the frame during video calls is a convenient way to remove distractions in the background.

Center Stage on OPPO Pad 2 / OnePlus Pad

This feature on iPads works much more effectively thanks to their ultra wide angle front cameras. This makes the iPad is capable of tracking human faces in a wider range and applying greater levels of cropping compared to a standard selfie camera. Additionally, it can detect other people in the video frame and include them automatically in the call.

OPPO Pad 2 has been released a month ago, but it is currently only available in China. Nonetheless, there are rumors suggest that it will be introduced globally with a rebranding, OnePlus Pad. We expect OnePlus Pad 2 to feature this feature just like its OPPO sibling, OPPO Pad 2. OPPO has stated that the center stage feature is not compatible with all video calling applications, and is currently available on WeChat, QQ, Tencent, and Zoom.

Although the center stage feature currently works primarily with Chinese video calling apps, it is possible that it will be compatible with globally available apps once the OnePlus Pad is revealed. The release of OnePlus Pad is anticipated to occur shortly.

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