OPPO Germany official webpage is down!

OPPO Germany official webpage is down and OPPO may leave German smartphone market! OPPO’s phone sales in Germany have been suspended for more than a year and now the official webpage is down, the listings are empty and there are no sales. For now, the homepage have a single ad related to OPPO’s ongoing partnership with the UEFA Champions League and an FAQ thread covering a question about support for existing OPPO devices.

OPPO Germany seems to be having some troubles

OPPO and OnePlus have been experiencing some troubles in European market for a long time. Last year, OPPO and OnePlus stopped their sales in Germany after a court decision. OPPO Germany website is blank without smartphone listing. OnePlus Germany site still shows the phones but online purchase function not available. In fact, rumors started circulating recently suggesting that OPPO and OnePlus are exiting many key European markets, including UK, Germany, Netherlands and France, but representatives of OPPO and OnePlus quickly denied the rumor and made official statements about their company’s commitment to European markets. Maybe it’s just a bug, website may be under maintenance, but the odds are low because it’s clear that there are problems with the European market.

Moreover, after the shutdown of OPPO’s chip manufacturing subsidiary ZEKU, MariSilicon-related pages were removed from its official website. Shutdown of ZEKU means they will stop making self-made chips. OPPO stated that the closure of its chip manufacturing subsidiary ZEKU was a difficult decision and was taken due to uncertain global economic conditions, you can find the news in question from here. It seems like OPPO is going through tough times, so what do you think about it? Do you think OPPO Germany is shutdown forever? Don’t forget to comment below and stay tuned for more.

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