OPPO and OnePlus may leave Europe!

According to reports from Android Authority and SamMobile, OPPO and its subsidiary OnePlus are planning to leave from the European market in March 2023. Today, French media outlet Frandroid reported that individuals familiar with the matter have confirmed that OPPO and OnePlus’ French distributors have already depleted their inventories, with no plans to replenish them or introduce new products.

It is said that OPPO responded by stating that they have suspended collaboration with French subcontractors but will still maintain a presence in the market. The company indicated that the decision was made to ensure they continue to hold a position in the market.

Representatives from Atmosphères, the workforce responsible for OPPO and OnePlus in France, stated that subcontracted employees who previously worked as in-store salespersons, regional managers, brand ambassadors, and trainers are now on unpaid leave. The contract between Atmosphères and OPPO and OnePlus is set to expire on June 30, 2023, and it appears that the two brands have no plans to renew it.

In its statement, OPPO mentioned that it will continue to stay in the French market after the expiration of the contract with the distributor. However, the statement only emphasized that the interests of existing users will not be harmed and did not provide any insight into future market plans.

Earlier, OPPO had suspended its operations in Germany following a patent dispute loss against Nokia. OPPO News previously reported that OPPO had almost emptied its official website in Germany. Now, with the news of their leave from France, speculation about their exit from the European market seems to be further confirmed. Additionally, OPPO and OnePlus are cutting down on local operating costs, and all externally outsourced product promotion and advertising marketing activities have been completely suspended. OPPO and OnePlus have yet to provide any comments on this matter.

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