OnePlus Indonesia announces its return to Indonesian market!

OnePlus Indonesia has announced to return to Indonesian market, from which it was withdrawn years ago! OnePlus is one of the leading brands in world smartphone market and there has been a important development in past few hours. It’s a big news for Indonesian users as they are now getting OnePlus devices and official OnePlus support again. OnePlus adventure, which ended with OnePlus 3 series in Indonesia, begins again!

OnePlus Indonesia is back

OnePlus’ adventure in Indonesian market dates back to 2015. In January 2015, OnePlus secured an exclusive collaboration with Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform, Lazada, to enter Indonesian market. However, this partnership didn’t last long. Things must have gone wrong that in 2016, OnePlus decided to withdraw from Indonesian market and in June 2016, OnePlus Indonesia completely disbanded its team. Short-term OnePlus adventure that ended in June 2016 in Indonesia, has started again from past hours.

Reason for OnePlus to withdraw from Indonesia in 2016 was a law change made by Indonesian government. By law, foreign smartphone manufacturers were required to use at least 30% of these domestic components, including hardware/software, for smartphone components sold in Indonesia. This caused a big confusion for OnePlus Indonesia and OnePlus Indonesia therefore decided to exit the market.

Today OnePlus Indonesia Twitter account has been re-opened, other old account has been abandoned since 2016, possibly lost access. With statement made from  new official Twitter account, OnePlus Indonesia team has been officially re-established. In addition, Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp communities were created to support Indonesian users. In addition, OnePlus invites all Indonesian users back to the official OnePlus Community forum.

There is a high probability that OnePlus devices will be announced in Indonesia soon. Official Twitter account and tweet are available here. Stay tuned for more.

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