New Xiaomi SU7 Racing spotted in Nürburgring

The most recent images are of a new variant of the Xiaomi SU7 being tested at the famous Nürburgring track in Germany, potentially called “Ultra” or “Racing”. This may be the most exciting milestone in Xiaomi as it enters the electric vehicle market for the first time to take a lead with high-tech, high-performance innovations. Key specs and Features of the Xiaomi SU7 Ultra

Advanced Aerodynamics

The spotted Xiaomi SU7 Ultra features an air dam below the front bumper, visibly present in several images. This would probably take up several aerodynamic functions, including airflow reduction on the underside of the car to reduce airflow dragging and developing negative pressure for improved downforce.

This setting gives the impression that a more enhanced aerodynamic performance is built into the automobile through a revised “chin” spoiler and a new bottom plate with holes. These alterations are intended to harness the aforementioned adverse pressure to evacuate hot air, immensely enhancing the cooling of the battery and electric drive units.

Improvements in Suspension and Chassis

Its stance seems lower, proving that a suspension system has probably been readjusted. The intensive tests at the Nürburgring, which heavily compromise the suspension systems, state that the car has a coil spring setup incorporating CDC technology to deal with this system, despite such settings permitting a compromise between performance and comfort.

Impressive Tire Width

It could be readily estimated that the rear tires would be 285 or even more comprehensive. This all but denotes a rear setup of high traction and stability. These couple with the front tire setup of around 265, resulting in abundant grip and handling prowess there – especially at high speeds and sharp corners.

Safety and Performance Modifications

High-speed testing modifications are often at play, such as the fitment of a roll cage and bucket seats. These accentuate Xiaomi’s willingness, more evidently than words could, as at intermediate inference, to put the packaged value of their SU7 Ultra on the line.

Possible Elimination of Air-Conditioning

Another interesting observation would be the open window during testing, suggesting the probable deletion of the air conditioning system to save on weight for maximal performance. This is one of the most common scenarios in prototype testing when ensuring the optimal lap times.

Aerodynamic Balance

The tail wing, adding very slight downforce, keeps the vehicle balanced even with the extra front lift caused by the air dam, and this seems to be for a good reason, as a very particular balance is needed for a certain amount of efficiency in aerodynamics.

Braking System

The Ultra features the usual carbon ceramic brakes, a brake setup familiar to most of us, so there’s not much point talking about this part here. But there is one more thing notable: a direct brake cooling air inlet at the front bumper, theoretically improving efficiency at a high-speed run.

Performance and Expectations

There have been times mentioned that the SU7 Ultra laps the track in a time that is about 6 minutes quicker than the Porsche TurboGT, proof of the engineering question that is veiled in Xiaomi, not also to mention the advanced design of the car itself.

Tire and Wing Specifications

The rear wheel width is to be approximately 305, with the front around 265, though this has not been finalized. The expected commercial version may sport an active gooseneck rear wing with a DRS function to be added among other improvements in aerodynamics.

Power and Speed

Due to the limitation endowed to the battery by its power performance during discharge, the maximum ⁢horsepower runs to about 1430p. Well then, even if it was assumed that the conditions were optimum, speeds of 400 km/h should be the usual, and during the actual test, results were around 370km/h of speed. High performance for this test was reached only with the confirmation from Kangyue, the automotive with high standards and unrivaled testing guru.

Xiaomi SU7 Ultra: the all-new electric disruptor. With optimized old aerodynamics, more brutal suspensions, chassis designs, and high-speed prowess, Xiaomi finds itself pitting equations against fast electric car giants. Rigorous testing at the Nürburgring underpins the resolve for excellence and innovation at Xiaomi in what may be one of the most exciting EV launches shortly.

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