Introducing the Realme Buds Air5 Pro: Deep Noise Cancellation Here

Realme Buds Air5 Pro, the true wireless Bluetooth earphones, has announced its pre-sale with a deposit of 50 yuan and a retail price of 399 yuan. The earphones will be available for purchase on May 31st at China.

The realme Buds Air5 Pro earphones offer a range of impressive features. They utilize an 11mm woofer and a 6mm micro-plane tweeter, providing an ultra-wide frequency response range of 20-40KHz, which is twice as high as the previous generation. The 11mm woofer incorporates a diaphragm of 100% high purity, enabling it to effectively enhance the low frequencies by up to 30%. Additionally, the N52 iron-boron magnet powers the diaphragm, resulting in a 50% increase in driving force.

The 6mm micro-plane tweeter consists of dual N52 iron-boron magnets, a 25μm ultra-thin planar diaphragm, and a flat voice coil. With the help of planar diaphragm technology and the new composite material of PEI+PEN, the high frequency can be extended up to 40KHz.

These earphones support the LDAC high-definition transmission protocol and have received the Hi-Res small gold standard certification. With a sampling rate of 96 kHz and a transmission speed of 990 kbps, they ensure high-quality audio.

The realme Buds Air5 Pro also features an upgraded Deep Ocean Noise Reduction 2.0, which offers 50dB deep noise reduction, an 8dB improvement over the previous generation. It provides effective background noise cancellation of up to 99.6% and an increased maximum noise reduction depth of 267%, reaching a noise reduction bandwidth of 4000Hz.

With a battery life of up to 40 hours for the earphones and charging case combined, the individual earphone can last for 11 hours of continuous music playback. Moreover, they support simultaneous connectivity to dual devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.

In conclusion, the realme Buds Air5 Pro introduces a true wireless Bluetooth earphone with advanced features. With its wide frequency response range, deep noise cancellation capabilities, and long battery life, it offers an immersive and uninterrupted audio experience.Creating a Bluetooth Earphone with Deep Noise Cancellation: Introducing the realme Buds Air5 Pro

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