How to install stock ROM with Fastboot Enhance?

Fastboot Enhance allows to install stock ROM files for recovery with fastboot and fastbootd. It is a very important software for devices these not have fastboot rom. If you are trying to install the stock ROM file of a different region on your device, if your device is bricked or if you want to return to the original software after making changes to the software, it will be useful for you to use this program.

Required files


Unlock bootloader of your phone

Unlock your bootloader using unlocking bootloader guide.

Usage of Fastboot Enhance

  • Extract stock rom and find payload.bin file
  • Extract FastbootEnhance files and open FastbootEnhance.exe
  • Enter fastboot mode just like above steps.
  • Your phone will appear on FastbootEnhance.
  • Click two times over phone in list.
  • Click flash payload.bin
  • Find and select your payload.bin file.
  • Click flash
  • After process is completed, click reboot fastbootd button.
  • Flash payload.bin again.
  • After process is completed, reboot to recovery and wipe data.
  • Done!

You have successfully completed the Stock ROM installation using Fastboot Enhance. Now you can use your device with peace of mind after turning on your device and testing that there is no problem. On some devices, some partitions should not be flashed during flash. Be sure to pay attention to this.

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