Have you seen Xiaomi SU7 in black color before?

Electric vehicles have efficiency and design that very often are talked of as two sides of the world, acting as an influential sphere for consumer choice on the one hand and manufacturer strategy shaping on the other. An excellent example of this whole equilibrium can be experienced with the Xiaomi SU7 in black.

The Elusive Black Xiaomi SU7

The Xiaomi SU7 is a stylishly innovative electric vehicle by Xiaomi that has not only advanced features but also an appealing design. However, the black color variant of the Xiaomi SU7 is a rarity. Despite black being the most favored color for most vehicles due to the timelessness and sophistication it brings, their case seems to be peculiar for this specific model.

Why the Black Is So Rare?

The scarcity of black in the Xiaomi SU7 is not just an issue with production choices and aesthetic preference; there is a practical and technological concern here: heat conduction. This is base-level science because black surfaces generally take in more heat than lighter colors do.

Given that electric vehicles are already juggling with complex thermal behaviors to run efficiently, it’s quite an exciting challenge. Indeed, for instance, in the case of the Xiaomi SU7, its black color hugely increases the heat absorption of the vehicle under direct sunlight. This could come with several inefficiencies, including:

  • High Cooling Requirement: The cooling systems of the vehicle have to work that hard to manage the excess heat that, therefore, drains battery power and reduces efficiency in the long run.
  • Battery Strain: With high temperatures, the lifeline and performance of EV batteries are hampered. Higher temperatures cause battery cells to degrade much faster, which is highly detrimental in an EV.
  • Reduced Range: The total range of the Xiaomi SU7 can be reduced as the cooling system drains more energy and the battery works less efficiently – important electric vehicle metrics.

The Popularity of Black

But despite this, black remains an ever-popular color for vehicles, with its connotation of sleekness and timelessness that many just can’t help but be drawn to. These are again evident in the discussion on the Xiaomi SU7; the model is a hyped-up demand with black color, but the practical limitations come into play due to the heat-absorbing properties of the color.


Currently, the Xiaomi SU7 is only available in China, and thus its reach on the global scene is limited when it comes to market dynamics with regard to color. This makes the black model even rarer outside China, hence increasingly sought after by EV fans and collectors in countries where it has not been launched.

The Xiaomi SU7 in black is a fascinating example of aesthetic preferences clashing with technological and environmental considerations. While the allure of having a black EV might be vital for some, practical effects in terms of efficiency and performance are other significant factors that manufacturers, like Xiaomi, have to weigh. With the EV market maturing, such considerations will increasingly shape the future of vehicle design and consumer choice. As of now, the Xiaomi SU7 simply stands for the complex interaction of good design and proper functionalities in the contemporary automotive environment.

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