Have you forgotten Xiaomi Cyberdog?

First introduced in 2021, Xiaomi Cyberdog released its 2nd version in 2023. Even if we have no idea why such a product was developed, Xiaomi Cyberdog and Xiaomi Cyberdog 2 are not remembered by anyone.

Why was Xiaomi created Cyberdog?

Xiaomi Cyberdog was produced as a robot that can do tasks that can help in real life. It has artificial intelligence-supported features such as picking up the garbage on the ground and throwing it in the trash, guiding a visually impaired person, and detecting what the object it touches is. However, since no one needs a robot dog when there is a real dog, we hardly see any news about it.

Why Xiaomi produces Cyberdog if it’s useless?

It could be Xiaomi’s attempt to prove itself. Realizing a robot that can perform backflips could be an important need for Xiaomi’s prestige. It could be an effort to show how far artificial intelligence can go and that it can build a robot. But in any case, Xiaomi would not have produced this product if there was no commercial benefit.

Has Xiaomi Cyberdog received the HyperOS update?

There will be those who wonder about such a question. There is no information on whether Xiaomi Cyberdog has received a HyperOS update. It is even difficult to find out if anyone has purchased this product. It is unknown whether this product, which is only sold in China, has even received an update. However, since it is one of Xiaomi’s ecosystem products, it is likely to be pre-installed in the Xiaomi HyperOS update. Because Xiaomi HyperOS has been an operating system that unites ecosystems.

The last time we saw Xiaomi Cyberdog 2 was at MWC2024. Xiaomi showed what it could do to the people who visited the fair. We don’t know if Xiaomi Cyberdog 3 will be released, but Xiaomi may surprise us by stopping producing dogs and producing more human-like robots.

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