Does OPPO make TV?

OPPO, like many other smartphone companies, has been manufacturing phones for several years. In addition to its phone production, OPPO also ventured into the TV market. Unlike some competitors, OPPO’s approach to the TV industry differs significantly.

OPPO is not aggressively pursuing growth in the TV sector. Despite being a Chinese company, OPPO’s latest TV release in China was back only in 2021, and the TVs introduced in the Chinese market have never been made available globally.

OnePlus – realme TVs

OPPO actually has subsidiary companies, not only OPPO, but also realme and OnePlus, and the functioning of these companies in the TV department is partially similar to OPPO. realme is in a position to give up just like OPPO did in China. It is not available globally almost anywhere and even when searching for TV specifications on realme’s global website, there are issues with missing information.

OnePlus, on the other hand, actively sells TVs and is the only brand among OPPO’s subsidiaries. However, OnePlus TVs are exclusively sold in India and are positioned as budget-friendly options, unlike the high-end OPPO TVs available in China.

Recently, OnePlus launched the TV Y1S series in India, catering to the budget segment with varying resolutions, such as 1366×768 for the 32-inch version and Full HD for the 43-inch version. OnePlus just releases too many TV options in India from budget to premium alternatives.

While OnePlus does have higher-end TV series like the U series or  TV Q series with features such as a 120 Hz refresh rate, their primary focus in India appears to be on both budget and premium segments but sell budget TVs more. OnePlus TVs do not demonstrate the same level of ambition as some other TV manufacturers.

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