Xiaomi upgrades the SU7 with new multi-colored “Underbody Lights”

With its latest enhancement in the multicolored ambient underbody lights, Xiaomi seems to set a new definition of automotive elegance for its SU7 model. This innovative accessory will shower the Xiaomi SU7 with a vivid range of colors that are more advanced and stylish than before over an already impressive vehicle.

Tomorrow Unveil: Add a Splash of Color to Your Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi just dropped a teaser today, and it has hit the entire automotive community like a whirlwind. The sleek SU7 was portrayed with an experimental light—an arresting blue glow illuminating from underneath—that hints at a sort of revolutionary upgrade this premium SUV is supposed to get shortly. Dubbed “Car Bottom Multi-Color Ambient Light,” this brand-new accessory is sure to revolutionize the driving experience by infusing customizable lighting right into the design of an SU7.

Key Features and Expectations

  • Dynamic Lighting: Ambient lights will be expected to offer the driver a choice of color and lighting patterns with which to customize the look and mood of the car.
  • Ease of Installation: The lights will be simple to install and most likely mounted under your vehicle, sparkling a wonderful light onto the ground below.
  • Advanced Control: Integrations with Xiaomi’s vehicle app are supposed to allow changes in the light settings and synchronize those changes with music that is playing or driving modes.

Xiaomi SU7 Ambient Light

Previous Success and Market Presence

Xiaomi isn’t new to this arena of car accessories. The existing product within car accessories is the Audio Pickup Ambient Light, available for ¥199. It has, for effect, light rhythm, and adaptive light sensitivity. That is on top of serving equally on both the left and right sides of the vehicle, thus enhancing the interior ambience in response to audio cues.

Increasing Its Impact in the Automotive Market

Xiaomi’s automobile company is also picking up, given impressive delivery figures for the company’s SU7 model, released in March 2024. July 13 saw the delivery of over 20,000 units of this model, with delivery projections for June putting it at more than 10,000 units then. This momentum is getting much more vital as Xiaomi tones up another product in its automotive arsenal.

Xiaomi SU7 Ambient Light Product

With just a few hours to go before the official launch, Xiaomi is introducing a new multi-color ambient light that fundamentally redefines vehicle customization. If car lovers can barely wait for this product, that could illustrate how serious Xiaomi is in blending technology with style and how it can help car owners express their individuality on the road.

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