Xiaomi Mi 6 confirmed to come with quad-curved-edge display and dual camera!


As reported that Xiaomi Mi 6 will be officially released next week, on this phone we already know more than half. But its appearance has been different opinions, there is no conclusion. Recently, Xiaomi official revealed that Mi 6 wil be upgraded to have quad-curved-edge display , while the rear dual camera has also been confirmed.

Earlier today, the omnipotent netizens gave everyone a note of strong assists, Xiaomi Mi 6 real machine photos were trapped, these are the most reliable and the most clear group of spy photos of Xiaomi Mi 6 so far.

Xiaomi Mi 6 positive and Mi 5s is very similar to the screen under the ultrasonic fingerprints. The back of the phone is consistent with the official statement, both sides and up and down are used arc transition, the perception of rounded.

While the back of the upper left corner is equipped with two parallel camera, the specific parameters unknown. It is also worth noting that the top and bottom of the Mi 6 do not seem to have a traditional headphone hole, consistent with the previous rumors of “cancel the headphone hole to support waterproof” message.