The Sales No.2 in India market, Xiaomi Mi 6 release conference started !


Finally, Xiaomi Mi 6 release conference started 1 hour ago, the info of Xiaomi mi 6 was not announced yet, but Xiaomi did released a vey impressive news that Xiaomi got the No.2 sales position in India market now !

(Lei Jun)

(Xiaomi in India)

In addition, Lei Jun also gave the sales rank of Xiaomi in other countries : No.3 in Ukraine, No.3 in Indonesia, No.3 in Myanmar, No.4 in Israel.

Now we are waiting for Lei Jun unveil the Xiaomi Mi 6 to the world!

  • Liisess

    just can’t believe this, No.2 in India? really ?

    • Liisess

      it could be possible, India is the second biggest target market of Xiaomi

  • Liisess

    how many phones did xiaomi sold in India? and which brand is in the No.1 of sales ?

  • Liisess

    i am curious that when will the Xiaomi mi6 official real photos to be posted, i want to see the real appearance of it.