Geekbench showed out more details of the 6GB RAM configured Xiaomi Mi 6!


Few days ago, Xiaomi Mi 6 has been running in the domestic site of Antutu with the 4GB RAM version. Today, we found the latest details of 6GB RAM configured Xiaomi Mi 6 on Geekbench!

The data on the picture show that Xiaomi Mi 6’s single-core score is 2006, multi-core score is 6438, while it is equipped with 10 nanometer process SD835 processor. There are also rumors says that Xiaomi Mi 6 will present the Standard version and Plus version, all with Full HD screen.

According to Xiaomi official statement, Xiaomi Mi 6 is scheduled to be released in Beijing University of Technology Gymnasiumon on April 19th, coming with dual camera and because the button can’t be pressed that Xiaomi Mi 6 will use a linear motor to provide vibration feedback.