Another new smartphone company in China is about to release the Xiaomi Mix-look tri-bezel-less flagship !


Since Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched in market that ultra-high value of the full-screen has become a new generation of smart phone design mainstream trend. Such as LG G6 and Samsung S8 series, more and more full-screen mobile phone appear now.

Recently, a mysterious domestic “full screen” phone named Maze Alpha debuted, it looks very similar as Xiaomi Mi Mix at first glance that it has a very large screen occupies the vast majority of the front panel space, but the difference is that Maze Alpha did not abandon the traditional handset at the top of the phone.

It is said that the Maze Alpha is produced by a  start-up mobile phone company in Shenzhen – Maze, and this one is only in the first stage.

The famous tech news leaker Evan Blass seems to be quite concerned about this phone, according to his argument, the Maze Alpha has a 6-inch 1080P screen, equipped with eight-core processor, memory combination of 4 GB RAM +64 GB ROM and 6GB RAM +128 GB ROM, rear 13.0MP dual camea 4000mAh battery.

Unfortunately, the Maze Alpha was currently only revealed the upper body, so we can’t know the how they arrange for home key and front camera on the front.

  • Floans

    this is amazing ! hope to see the real device!

  • Floans

    how about Elephone S8 ?