Analyst: Xiaomi Mi 6 supplying issue due to lack of key components.


As Xiaomi Mi 6 to be unveiled few days ago, lot people are excated of it because it features the most powerful hardware and premium appearance, besides, people are also hardly discussing about the price of it.

It seems that Xiaomi made a big sccuess with Mi 6, even though it’s short time.

Unfortunately,one of the famous analyst who’s specialized in predicting the path and situation of Xiaomi said that Lei Jun now is facing the big problem of Xiaomi Mi 6 supplying.

Due to lack of key components, like SD835 processor, 1 NIT screen, and UFS memory, that Xiaomi now is under big pressure. Besides, the cost of component increasing also force Xiaomi to pull the price higher than ever.

According to the news that Xiaomi had already prepared hundreds thousands Xiaomi Mi 6 devices for the first sale on 28th April.